Digital Things…

Right, so here it is. I’ve got a blog.

Where to start?

I attended the Special Libraries Association Conference back in June 2013, and there were a few key sessions (especially a fantastic one on altmetrics by Jason Priem) that got me thinking lots about the role of social media in science. There seems to be great potential to use these tools to increase the impact of research, share ideas and collaborate with those in similar fields. So I’ve been doing lots of reading but hadn’t been getting very far. (I’d set up a Twitter account, but I’ve still been feeling some reluctance to actually tweet…eek, and everything I read places emphasis on the importance of participation in social media, rather than just casual lurking). But by chance a friend mentioned the Digital Things for Learning Developers CPD programme. This free course examines 5 areas of digital technologies exploring management of online identities, creating professional networks and more, and while it seems to be intended for those working in education, I thought this could be the push I need to get started. I feel I really should be using Twitter and blogging myself before I start suggesting that anyone else should.

Hoping to write about the things that interest me…altmetrics, reference management, search, open access and social media tools for scientists, and the other tools I come across on the Digital Things course and elsewhere.